What Services Do CQC Registration Consultants Offer?

Social Care consultants offer a wide range of essential support services to help you get where you need to be, including:

  • Filling in CQC registration paperwork 
  • Helping you write a great Statement of Purpose 
  • Creating, reviewing and updating policies and procedures to comply with CQC standards 
  • Collecting together the supporting evidence for your policies and procedures, for example, supplementary policies and procedures, client surveys, audits and audit analysis, Health & Safety assessment, HR files, staff appraisals, preparation for registered manager interviews and initial registration visits
  • Regular reviews of your Statement of Purpose, policies and procedures
  • Help with employee appraisals, supervision and disciplinaries
  • COVID-19 support and guidance
  • Continued mentoring and support with the day to day running of care and nursing homes

With all that being said, A CQC registration consultant has a primary objective and that is to support newly founded businesses to gain CQC registration and maintain CQC compliance.

Setting up a business can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Thinking of a suitable trading name, creating a limited company, finding premises to work from and ensuring you have the funding in place to make the business work can be worrying and stressful. 

However, setting up a regulated business is likely to be even more difficult. A business that delivers care will need to abide by regulations and guidelines set out by the Care Quality Commission. This means you’ll need to pass a CQC inspection and assessment before you’re able to trade. 

The expert CQC registration consultants at SRG Care Consultancy will help you set-up your new care service, they’ll mentor you throughout the processes and also provide you with up to date CQC policies and procedures. 

 Improving your CQC ratings, be prepared for inspections
In a highly competitive sector, it’s good to know that an experienced CQC Consultant can help your organisation steadily improve its CQC ratings. And because they can help you prepare for either planned or unannounced CQC inspections with mock CQC inspection services. You won’t be caught napping!  

Save time, save hassle, save money
It is highly likely that your registered manager has 101 things to manage, therefore placing the burden of full CQC compliance on your manager’s shoulders can be both stressful and unrealistic. Outsourcing all or parts of CQC compliance to an experienced specialist can help your organisation achieve it’s goals faster, keep standards high, and improve ratings over time.   

The CQC is all about making sure the people who use your services get the quality care and treatment they deserve. A social care consultant will help you tick all the right boxes, which means you’ll provide the best possible service to everyone your organisation cares for. 

If you’d like professional help with CQC registration, we’ll be delighted to help you. Just get in touch on 0330 133 0174 or use the contact form on our website


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