What You Should Expect from a Social Care Consultancy Service

What exactly is a social care consultancy? Specialist social care consultancy supports care providers in central and local government as well as the nation’s health services. Here’s how we do it. 

Help people achieve the right standards
We’ll help you to respond quickly and correctly to recommendations by the CQC and local authorities, offering excellent short term transition management to bring about positive change and make sure you reach all of your targets. 

Your first stop for CQC registration and accreditation
Expert advice and project management from us will help you develop great services in line with CQC standards. We can hold your hand throughout the process, helping you put together and understand important policies and procedures whilst also ensuring you and your staff have the correct training required to achieve CQC registration. As you’d expect our service includes an initial audit and a recommendation plan.

Prepare with handy mock CQC Inspections
When you’re faced with a genuine CQC inspection, it helps to be properly prepared. Our mocks are created in the same style as CQC inspections. They give you a vital snapshot about how well – or not – your organisation is performing against CQC KLOE standards, including an action plan to follow. Managing a care service can be stressful and because not one day is ever the same it can be easy to miss important changes in regulation and ensure your policies and procedures are put together and set out in the correct manner. Our CQC mock inspections will furnish you with the information and knowledge needed to pass the first time, every time. 

Recruitment and continued professional development
Recruiting the right staff with the perfect experience and qualifications can be difficult, time consuming and at times extremely costly.  Our National Award Winning Team (National Care Awards 2013) can support providers with their recruitment process, ensuring it is effective, affordable and in line with CQC standards. 

Care providers place a massive onus on ensuring their staff are always learning and developing. We think mastering CPD (continued professional development) can positively impact not only the care business but also the quality of care that is provided to service users. 

We’ll undertakes an in-depth strategic review into how learning happens at your place, including identifying a reliable return on investment from the training and development, and setting up vital staff learning pathways linked to National Occupational Standards.

Enjoy valuable external supervision
External supervision, when given in the right way, supports those in leadership positions in achieving their goals. We provide structured support on a short term basis to manage change or handle a crisis, or longer term support to help your people navigate onward development, expansion and growth with confidence. 

Crisis management & positive interventions
Our popular crisis management and positive Intervention service is designed to support homes and services experiencing interim or short term crisis.

We provide service improvement audits and plans which help improve your service quickly and efficiently. SRG Care Consultancy can also support and attend meetings whether they’re operational, care governance or interim management. For example, attending a safeguarding meeting can be daunting and our team who have many years’ experience of working with local safeguarding teams can support you with attending the meeting and even following through on actions.

Be the best, offer the best, deliver outstanding care
Your clients deserve nothing but the best care. It’s our job to ensure you are qualified and prepared to deliver exactly that. If you’d like to take your care sector business to the next level, we’ll be delighted to help you get where you want to be. You can contact our social care consultancy and care home consultancy teams by calling 0330 133 0174 or using the live chat function on our website.

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