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Our team members at SRG Care Consultancy

Our Team Members

Steve Harris MD

Steve Harris


Steve started the company in 2016 with the support of Maria they decided that they wanted to give back to the sector and started The Grow Project, which supports people with Physical and learning disabilities to reach their full potential. Steve has worked in Care for the last 26 years and qualified in social care 18 years ago. Steve has various positions working in Health & Social care. Steve started SRG to ensure good governance and ensure the support we offer is affordable and of a high standard.

Rob Baillie Team Photo

Rob Baillie

Senior Director

Rob has a high degree of business acumen matched to the demands of the current marketplace. He has a good knowledge of legislative and funding challenges impacting on day to day service delivery. Excellent communication skills with a wide range of management styles. He is high personable and poses a high level of skill and experience in his ability to adapt people management skills accordingly. Rob is a strategic thinker and always keen to analyse situations appropriately to allow proper and informal judgements. He is innovative and creative a quality driven person with strong desire to deliver the best. Rob can work under pressure and can routinely deliver on time. Rob is one the most passionate and skilled individual with a specialist knowledge in his field. He can provide clear direction and support to help move you to the right direction. Rob can multitask and lead by example and able to take instructions on what is expected of him.

Anne Butts Team Photo

Anne Butts

Director In The South East

Anne delivers standards to the highest levels and ensuring quality is maintained within all aspects of the business. She will always meet and exceed the objectives set. Her reports are very comprehensive and will signpost clients in the right direction to make the changes that she suggests. Anne has a vast knowledge of how the CQC works and can attend meetings with CQC/LA etc to assist with any challenges or judgements. Anne will support clients through any complaints or concerns and is excellent at mentoring managers through any action or Service Improvement Plans. Anne can manage and prioritise an extensive and complex operational workload. Anne is a very experienced consultant and she will lead by example.

Maria Harris


Maria has worked in the cooperate world for over 28 years as an IT Manager for Carnival Cruises for over 15 years and made the change to come and setup up SRG in 2016. Maria has a strong passion for good standards. Maria leads on our community interest company GROWfest

Lisa Gallagher Team Photo

Lisa Gallagher

SRG Manager

Lisa has been with SRG since October 2018 and leads the on the team on scheduling and allocations of consultants. She has worked within care for over 6 years and comes with a wealth of experience within customer service and office management. Lisa and her team are the first point of contact for all our clients.

Hayley Carr Team Photo

Hayley Carr

Business Development

Hayley has been with the team since January 2020. She has a polite and friendly approach, when contacting potential clients. She will call, email, and speak to the decision making offering them support with all aspects of compliance. She has a good knowledge of how we can support from a policy to crisis management.

Jenny Team Photo

Jennifer Spake

Group Accounts Manager

Jenny leads the finance and accounts team for the group. Jenny has worked within the group since March 2018. She comes with a wealth and deals will all aspects of accounts for the company. Jenny has a very professional manner and is always polite and friendly.

Gary Team Photo

Gary Lochowitz

Business Development Manager

Gary is an accomplished Senior Manager in the US and UK serving older and special needs adults. He has an excellent longevity in all positions with loyal commitment to each organization. Strong leadership skills with proven track record successfully managing communities to meet the holistic needs of all clients and maximize profits. Client centered focus and commitment to promoting client dignity and independence. Leading by example and following a positive and transparent work ethic. Gary was working with SRG as a consultant in Residential and Nursing Homes including: Interim Home Manager; managing day to day operations; mentoring and training staff; advising Management/Owners; conducting audits; completing reports; conducting investigations; directing staff supervisions; ensuring appropriate staffing levels and any other duties as required. Gary now is now the manager for business development for SRG. He is innovative and creative a quality driven person with strong desire to deliver the best.

Chris Team Photo

Chris Young

Compliance Manager

Chris works as our Compliance Manager he has several years’ experience working in the Health & Social care sector in various different roles include Registered Manager and Social Care Consultant. Chris has supported a number of homes to improve their CQC ratings and overall service to the residents they care for. Anne is a very experienced consultant and she will lead by example.

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