Mock CQC Inspections

Targeted, high quality inspections inline with CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) and inspection methodology

Announced or unannounced mock CQC audits carried out using the same KLOE principles used by the care quality commission

Mock CQC inspections can be arranged to suit any regulated service provider with advice and guidance tailored to your service specialism

Detailed findings report, service ratings and action plans will be provided on completion of every successful mock CQC inspection

Thorough compliance inspections in-line with CQC standards

Thorough compliance inspections in-line with CQC standards

Our Mock CQC Inspections are carried out by expert social care consultants, and imitate CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) and inspection methodology.

Mock CQC inspections can be arranged to suit any regulated service provider with advice and guidance tailored to your service specialism, we can carry them out with the knowledge of your workforce or as an unannounced inspection.

Detailed finding report, service ratings and action plans will be provided on completion of every successfully mock CQC inspection.

SRG guide to inspections

Download our CQC Inspections Guide. What to expect on a CQC inspection

SRG Guide To CQC Inspections

Why and what are Mock CQC Inspections?

Mock inspection can be carried out for many different reasons:

  • You would like to make sure that your home or service is compliant for your CQC inspection so you can rectify any areas and ensure full compliance.
  • You have had concerns with a specific service and need guidance on how to be compliant. with CQC regulations.
  • To upskill / empower your staff around the CQC inspections and have sense of confidence.
  • As a provider you would like to make sure the manager is ready for the inspection and prevent any surprises and ensure the service is running smoothly.
  • To create an action plan in preparation of any inspection Local Authority or CQC.


Why have an inspection audit?

  • Prevent any surprises and ensure that you are fully CQC complaint
  • You tend to find that residents and relatives look at your latest CQC report before thinking of visiting or moving into the home.
  • Have a non-emotional audit that gives a TRUE reflection on what our experienced inspectors see.

How are we different?

SRG Care Consultancy, has been established for over 5 years, the team range from Ex CQC Inspectors, Company Directors and Senior Managers, all with the same passion to deliver a service that supports your home to be compliant and deliver a safe and caring service. Our team go the extra mile and support you with a detailed Service Improvement plan, identifying areas using the RAG Status. ( Red. Amber Green) with clear actions on how to Improve. Our team offer an end to end service

What’s included in my CQC mock inspection?

Depending on your service size, our compliance team will book the suitable consultant to carry out the mock inspection, this can be announced or unannounced. During the audit the consultant will be on site going through a similar process like an official CQC Inspection. They will follow the KLOE  Prompts. After a CQC mock inspection, you will get initial verbal feedback, followed by a full Audit report and Service Improvement Pan (SIP). The compliance team will call you once you have read through the report and SIP and support with any concerns that you have. Our team can then offer an end to end service where we can be on site and ensure that the SIP is being followed.

How much is a mock inspection?

We are transparent with our charges and actually we promote that we offer affordable services whilst maintaining a quality service.  Each care service is charged slightly different depends on the size and number of residents supported. We offer a substantial discount for multiply sites and repeat visits.  

I just want to look at one focused area?

We come across services that are concerns about one specific area, this could be Safe, Effective. Caring. Well Led, or Responsive. With our consultants they can easily adapt to this and be as flexible as required. One of our best products is what we call the Bronze product where we visit at specific times of the year just looking auditing on a focussed inspection.

I do not have the time for a mock inspection

We assure you that this will not be disruptive to you and the day to day running of the service. We prefer if the Manager / provider is around to give feedback as there will be always questions that we need to ask as part of the process. Its better for us if the staff just carry on with daily routines. We might interview them during the times when they are less busy.


In summary,

There is a great value by having a mock inspection one the most important things is to be proactive rather than reactive as this will save you time, money and heartache in the long term such as legal fees, embargos, safeguarding or challenges with CQC.

Give us a call on 0330 133 0174 or email – we can talk through any concerns or worries that you have.

We are also a care provider and we know the importance of mock inspections.

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