What to expect once you have submitted your CQC Manager application?

You have submitted your CQC Manager application, so what’s next?



Once you have submitted your application to be a registered manager at the new provider, it will be sent along with the main application to CQC. CQC will then check that all the applications have been completed correctly (CQC call this process ‘validation’). CQC will usually complete validation of the application within five working days of receiving it. CQC will send the main applicant a confirmation email once this process is complete.

Once validated, applications are sent to the registration team for assessment. How long it takes CQC to assess and determine your application depends on a range of factors. If the main applicant is well prepared, the service is ready and there are no delays, it should take ten weeks from the date CQC validate your application to when CQC serve a notice of decision (NoD) which sets out our decision about your registration.

Resubmission email

After you have submitted your application you may receive an email asking you to re-submit it. This might happen for one of two reasons:

  1. The main applicant has discovered an error in their application, has re-opened it and re-submitted it. This will trigger an email to you asking you to re-open and re-submit your application.
  2. The application fails ‘validation’ because either the main application, your application, or related applications contain errors. In this case CQC will send the main applicant an email explaining why it has been rejected. They will then reopen their application, correct and resubmit it. This will trigger an email to you asking you to re-open and re-submit your application (even if there are no errors in it). If there are errors in your application, it is the responsibility of the main applicant to inform you about them so you can reopen your application, make corrections, and resubmit it.

After validation

Once validated, CQC will assess your application and consider whether you:

  • Are of good character
  • Are physically and mentally fit to take responsibility for the regulated activities you’re applying for
  • Have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience for the role
  • Can show CQC that you have all the required supporting documentation
  • Are compliant with the regulations

As part of CQC’s assessment, they will always consider your knowledge, understanding and application of:

  • Relevant sector provider guidance (sector provider handbooks)
  • Provider guidance on meeting the regulations
  • Safe and effective models of care for your sector
  • The characteristics required to provide people with safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led care

CQC may need to arrange an interview with you. This might be face to face or by telephone.

If the application is successful, your provider may need to update their statement of purpose to reflect the changes to your registration. Please let them know they need to check the version they have on record to see if they need to submit an updated one. They’re legally required to keep this document up to date.

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