Due Diligence & Investors Case Studies

Due Diligence & Investors Case Study 1

Working with a leading bank, business management team, SRG was approached to support a small care group who was looking for further funding. 

Working with the care group the team at SRG carried out a detailed review of the services and looked at Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as part of this process. 

We ensured clear transparency between the bank and the care provider supporting the care provider to make some small changes to ensure a stronger service, that allowed the bank to lend. The loan was approved within 6 weeks. 

We work with several Investors from all over the world. With a small group of investors, we supported them in the purchase of 3 homes in the UK and now are the UK operating provider for them. This allows for our team to be the expert providers delivering experienced services and gaining maximum return. 

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