Policies and procedures for Care Homes/Nursing Homes, Domiciliary Care and Supported Living Services.

CQC and local authority compliant policies and procedures for new and established providers including care homes.

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Comprehensive CQC compliant policies and procedures to help with your new CQC registrations and on-going compliance

Save on time, resources and costs by buying in comprehensive CQC compliant policies and procedures with or without personalisation

Purchase key documentation or utilise our expert social care consultants to build policies and procedures that are bespoke to your organisation

We provide compliant policies and procedures for your care home or domiciliary care environment

SRG Care Consultant Limited are policy providers and we provide over 300 CQC compliant key policies and procedures to health providers & social care providers. Our team will also make sure your care service or health provider provides the best possible care for its residents and be CQC compliant. We provide these documents for new and established health providers. All of the documents and knowledge we provide aims to help pass your CQC inspections and secure new CQC registration.
Our policies fall into 4 groups. Administration such i.e information security, Health and Safety i.e as Lone Working, Human resources i.e Equal Opportunities and Service Delivery i.e service user development.


Some other examples include Falls Infection Control (Infection Control Policy), medicines policy, whistleblowing policy and a safety policy. We can also supply other documents in the care environment such as a Risk Assessment or even a checklist for care home.

What are care home policies, domiciliary care and supported living procedures?

A procedure describes the recommended steps or written instructions of a particular event and describes how the policy will be acted upon. The aim is to help prevent bad incidents from happening to persons and the care home resident. For example, a social media policy will provide step by step instructions on how social media can be used. These are in place to save time and effort trying to agree on a course of action. Using compliant documents helps care service staff in the workplace follow rules and keeps the residential care service premises CQC Compliant.

CQC Policies and Procedures

Policies, procedures and inspection for your care home or domiciliary care service

All health settings must comply with national standards. This means that a CQC inspector will review all necessary documents when they conduct their inspection. All services must have a quality management system in place which meets the required standards. All adult social care provider settings are actively monitored for continued compliance.

Documentation to pass CQC registration or improve compliance

Our documents are designed to support quality health setting including administration, human resources, management, catering and health & safety maintenance.

We provide bespoke documents that are unique to your business.

These documents will become yours, and we will provide you with a updating service through our legal division.

Alternatively we offer a full care compliant policy review of all your documents in place.


Our documents are written by experts in the CQC field including ex CQC inspectors and managers of health providers. All documents are compliant against the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry and will help enable your care service or health provider to run smoothly.

Features of  CQC Compliant policies and procedures for care homes, domiciliary care and supported living

  • Easy to use and compliant with CQC Regulated Adult Social Care Services
  • Available as a complete set or provided individually
  • All products comply with the Care Act 2014 legislation including Care Act 2014 impact statements
  • Suitable for all types of businesses or social care settings.
  • Provided in Word format which makes them accessible for any individual or company to use and for print publications
  • Procedures for Care Homes & Domiciliary Care Services, both packages are updated monthly.
  • New updates to the CQC documents are emailed to you to help keep up with compliance
  • Comply with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), Equality Act, Asylum Act and Immigration Act
  • Can be personalised to your care service.
  • Dedicated Inhouse Policy team to help you and your care home staff team.
  • Helps keep standards of quality and protects people in care services
  • Inline with CQC’s Safe, Effective, compassionate, high-quality care principle.
  • Wide range of clinical procedures for nursing homes or social care settings.
  • We will work with the care service manager or care home owner to provide guidance on care home
  • Guidance about regulations for Adult Social Care Services

Why do you need document for your care home, domiciliary care or supported living service?

We are always updating and monitoring all developments with CQC compliance. If you have subscribed to our update service these documents will become readily available to you as soon as we update them. SRG Limited can help provide you with the relevant policies which can be tailored to the needs of your service.

What regulations do these documents meet?

All of the documents comply with the following regulations:

  • Heath and Social Care Act 2008 / Regulations 2014

  • Care Act 2014

  • Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2014

  • Fundamental Standards (Regulations) 2014

These policies are also in-line with the Health and Social Care sector within England. Keeping up to date documents are one of your legal requirements.

Our update service to help keep your care home or domiciliary care service within the legal requirements

Up-to-date policies will help keep your care setting compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Having out of date documents can result in fines or a complete shutdown of your care home / setting.


SRG Limited can help provide you with the relevant documents which can be tailored to the needs of your service. All of our policies are updated regularly through our policy update service.

Full list of CQC Compliant policies and procedures for care providers / care homes / domiciliary care services / supported living

Here are the full list of documents you need for your care home: We provide all of these at a special discounted price – get in touch with us via the contact form or call us on: 0330 133 0174. Please note this list may be incorrect as these documents are updated all of the time.

What's new and what are the new policy areas for 2023?

As you know CQC always like to make sure care homes and providers are keeping up to required standards. They have identified some areas where care homes and health providers may need help including:

Maintenance: Does your care home or health provider have the policies in place in regards to maintenance? i.e is broken equipment being reported and fixed?

Food and Allergies: Does your staff know what to do in an emergency if someone is fed something that they are allergic to? Are foods labeled with allergy information? Does your team approach caution when making meals.

Training: Do you have a policy which ensures your staff members only take on certain tasks if they are trained and competent?

GDPR: Is your data up to date and GDPR compliant?

Want to see an example policy?

We are currently offering the odd policy or document free of charge so if you would like one free policy (i.e diabetes policy sample or a policy for care) then feel free to visit our Request A Policy page and enter your details. We’ll then get back in touch with you with your free policy! We are also sharing with everyone our Covid file which is a dropbox full of documents relating to Covid 19

Download the Coronavirus Pack

We are also sharing with everyone our Covid file which is a dropbox full of documents relating to Covid 19. Get in touch with us on our online chat box and we’ll get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What area does your policies cover?

A: We cover all areas within Health & Social Care, for all regulations and CQC compliance

Q: Do you bespoke your policies ?

A: We can do please contact us for more information

Q: Can you supply us with a Risk Assessment or Care Plan?

A: We certainly can, please contact us for more information.

Q: How do you send the policies and procedures for care homes?

A: We use a shared file that can be access by as many staff as you wish.

Q:  How do I keep an updated service on the policies?

A: We offer a monthly update service that covers changes in Compliance, Regulations and Law.

Q:  Can I share the CQC Compliant policies?

A: Yes we are happy for you to share the policies. You will have access to documents

Q: Do you have an index?

A: Yes please contact us and we can send. 

Q Will these cover the 5 CQC standards?

A: Yes the Policies are updated to meet the standards for social care services & wider care. 

 Q What will happen if your care provider is not compliant?
A: You could receive fines or a complete shutdown of your operation.

Q: Can you personalise the Policies and Procedures for care homes?

A: We can provide the policies and procedures with or without personalisation.

Q: Can you offer a full care compliant review of our policies and procedures?

A: Yes we can. Please get in touch with us.

Q: Do you supply documents relating to Infection Control ? 

A: Yes we do


If you are interested in policies and procedures, our contact details are:

0330 133 0174

or use our online chat box

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